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Jean-Guillaume Péladan

Jean-Guillaume Péladan

Senior Advisor Environment


Jean-Guillaume has joined Sycomore AM in 2015 as Portfolio Manager and Head of the Environmental Investments & Research, in order to build and deploy its environmental strategy, starting with the launch of the Sycomore Europe Eco Solutions fund. In 2017, his R&D works led to the co-development of the Net Environmental Contribution, NEC, to measure how business models, financial products and indices are aligned or misaligned with the environmental transition. Since 2019, the NEC is managed and proposed by the NEC Initiative in an open-source, collaborative mode. The NEC has thus been adopted by several financial market participants and it is used a key ecological compass within Sycomore AM. Engineer graduated from both Ecole Polytechnique and Mines ParisTech, Jean-Guillaume has served as an executive manager in the waste management branch of the Suez Group, in NGOs (the French Center of Young Entrepreneurs, The Shift Project) and at the French Environmental Agency (ADEME). Lecturer and expert, he is currently part of the governance of the French Sustainable Investment Forum, of the Greenfin label and of the NEC Initiative.

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