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Our purpose is to develop an economy that is more sustainable and more inclusive and to generate positive impacts for our stakeholders. Our mission is to make investment more human.

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Creating, innovating, supporting, sharing, discussing, building. Taking care of one's self, others and the planet. Just some of the aspirations that drive us every day.
We invest to develop a more sustainable and more inclusive economy and to create positive impacts for all of our stakeholders.
Our mission is to give a human dimension to investment. This purpose addresses key issues that are the very foundation of our constantly changing society.
Companies, citizens, investors, associations, public authorities... must act today to build tomorrow's world.
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A mission-driven company

To achieve our mission, we have set ourselves 6 social and environmental goals designed to account for our impacts on all stakeholders. These formally define our priorities.
Goal # 1
To measure and improve the environmental and social contribution of our investments while communicating clearly and transparently with our clients.
Goal # 2
To continue with the development of our socially responsible investment offering, aimed at creating positive impacts and combining purpose and performance.
Goal # 3
To offer our employees a quality working environment, involve them in strategic decisions, and foster an entrepreneurail spirit through employee share schemes.
Goal # 4
To strengthen our own societal contribution by sharing some of the value we create with associations, notably via the Fondation Sycomore.
Goal # 5
To deploy our responsible procurement policy to support the creation of resilient ecosystems.
Goal # 6
To create long-term value for our shareholders.

Our history

Our ecosystem

As a responsible company, we operate within a robust and stable ecosystem to achieve our mission. As an engaged player, we support the new generation of entrepreneurs that are working towards creating a more sustainable economy.
Present in 50 countries, the Generali group is an Italian insurance company founded in 1831 and one of the world's leading players in the insurance and asset management markets. Sycomore AM joined the Generali Investments ecosystem in 2019.
In order to guarantee our independence in terms of execution and optimise costs for our clients, we created a separate and high-performance trading company: Sycomore Market Solutions.
Share. Discover. Encourage.
The Fondation Sycomore builds bridges between young people and the corporate world. Its objective is to help younger generations discover the professional world through meetings and discussions. 1% of Sycomore AM's operating revenue is paid into the Foundation.
Revaia is an asset management company that supports the growth of tech and digital champions in Europe by adopting a unique positioning, combining listed and unlisted investments.

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