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A team

The key to active and conviction-driven investment is to share, discuss and analyse ideas together.

Committees & Councils

Denis Panel, CEO, Cyril Charlot and Christine Kolb, Founding Partners, define the company's strategy and ensure its successful execution.
Denis Panel

Steering committee

The committee includes the members of the executive committee plus 7 employees representing Sycomore AM's different units, who meet every week to approve strategic decisions.

Mission committee

The committee, which includes a representative from each of Sycomore's business units, sets an action plan designed to achieve the 4 statutory objectives and guarantees the strategy is aligned with the company's mission. It reports to the Steering Committee.

Board of Directors

The Board includes 5 members (Sycomore AM, Generali Investments Holding and 2 independent administrators). It sets the business lines, budgets, and investment policies and ensures they are duly executed. The Board meets four times per year.

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board of Sycomore Factory, composed of 13 directors including 2 independent ones, validates the strategic orientations of Sycomore AM and its subsidiaries and ensures these are duly executed.

We create value for all of our stakeholders

Capital structure

Generali Investments Holding as a strategic partner to ramp up our development. A mission driven by employee shareholders
74 %
Generali Investments Holding
18 %
8 %

Breakdown of value added

A fair distribution of added value. Employees driving sustainable value.
40 %
40 %
20 %
Government (taxes)

Corporate ethics

Sycomore AM pays consistent attention to the practices developed by its employees and partners to ensure our relations with stakeholders remain exemplary at all times.

Code of ethics

Our Ethics Code materialises the company's commitments and informs employees of the rules of good conduct that must be applied by all.

Human Rights Policy

Our policy sets a clear framework to ensure that issues relating to human rights are taken into account at company and investment level. Our HR policy draws from the United Nations' Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

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