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Sycomore AM uses a responsible investment approach, founded upon unique research methodology, to analyse companies. Looking beyond, our teams also engage in dialogue with the companies included in our universe, with a view to helping them improve their practices.
Let us take you through this approach.


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Our ambition is to meet our clients' performance requirements by investing responsibly and giving meaning to their investments. Our global and integrated approach, at the heart of our investment philosophy, draws on financial and extra-financial research to help us implement our strongest convictions. We are convinced that best practices in the field of ESG (environmental, social and governance) contribute to delivering sustainable performance. As shareholders, we believe it is important to raise companies' awareness on these best practices. We therefore initiate an open dialogue with their management teams to help drive improvement.

SPICE, our model for fundamental analysis

A company can only create long-term sustainable value if this value is shared with all its stakeholders

Our fundamental analysis model, which we have called SPICE, is based on 90 qualitative or quantitative criteria structured around 5 stakeholder types. Our aim is to measure a company's ability to create value for each of its stakeholders, based on a thorough rating process. This step has a decisive impact on the risk premiums and target prices set by our team of fund manager-analysts, based on company valuations.

Suppliers & Society

Equity and transparency

  • Risk management
  • Responsibility
  • Societal performance



Pleasant and stimulating work environment

  • Organisation of human capital
  • Employee feedback and surveys
  • Happy@Work environment



Attractive return on capital

  • Business model
  • Governance



Differentiated products and/or services

  • Marketing strategy
  • Client satisfaction



Protection of ecosystems and development of natural capital

  • Impact of business model
  • Integration within company
  • Mid and long-term risk management



ESG Integration and SRI Labels

The SRI Label, initially awarded by Novethic and now government-approved, has been granted to our entire range of SRI funds. Furthermore, the Sycomore Eco Solutions Fund was the first to receive the EETC label (Energy and Ecological Transition for Climate Label), launched in 2016. Sycomore Sélection Crédit received the Austrian "Umweltzeichen" Label in recognition of the quality of its environmental approach.

  • Sustainable Equities
  • Thematic Equities
  • Flexible Strategies
  • Credit Crossover SRI
FondsIntégration ESGLabel
Sycomore FrancecapIntégration ESG Label
Sycomore Sélection ResponsableIntégration ESG Label
Sycomore Sélection Responsable (Luxembourg)Intégration ESG Label
Sycomore Sélection PMEIntégration ESG Label
Sycomore Sélection Midcap Intégration ESG Label
FondsIntégration ESGLabel
Sycomore Social ImpactIntégration ESG Label
Sycomore Europe Happy @ WorkIntégration ESG Label
Sycomore Europe Eco SolutionsIntégration ESG Label
SFS Sycomore Sustainable TechIntégration ESG Label
FondsIntégration ESGLabel
Sycomore PartnersIntégration ESG
Sycomore Allocation PatrimoineIntégration ESG
Sycomore L/S OpportunitiesIntégration ESG
Sycomore Next Generation
FondsIntégration ESGLabel
Sycomore Sélection CréditIntégration ESG Label

Label ISR

The SRI Label aims to provide investors with improved visibility on SRI products, including the guarantee that the investment approach is founded upon robust methodologies, a high level of transparency, and quality information (Source: AFG).

Label Greenfin

The Greenfin Label guarantees that investments are used to fund the environmental and energy transition. From the investor's perspective, the Label ensures the transparency and quality of the funds' environmental characteristics, as audited by an expert and independent third-party (Source: Novethic).

Label Umweltzeichen

The Austrian "Umweltzeichen" Label is a green label awarded to funds exhibiting lower environmental impacts than their peers within the same fund category (source: labelinfo.ch).

Label Towards Sustainability

The Towards Sustainability label, created in 2019 by Febelfin, the Belgian Financial Sector Federation, aims to promote financial products with an embedded responsible investment approach, while creating a framework that instils a sense of trust for end-clients.

Label FNG

Le label FNG

Label Label Relance

Le label « Relance » permet aux épargnants et investisseurs professionnels d’identifier les organismes de placement collectifs (OPC) apportant une réponse aux besoins de financement des entreprises françaises, cotés ou non, et ainsi de mobiliser l’épargne pour la relance.

Our range of SRI strategies

Sycomore Sélection Crédit

Sycomore Europe Happy @ Work

SFS Sycomore Sustainable Tech

Sycomore Europe Eco Solutions

Sycomore Social Impact

Sycomore Sélection Responsable

Sycomore Francecap

Sycomore Sélection Responsable (Luxembourg)

Sycomore Sélection PME

Sycomore Sélection Midcap

Sycomore Next Generation

Our stock selection process

Our commitments


Member of the UN Principles for Responsible Investment since 2010, signatory of the Carbon Disclosure Project since 2013 and of the Montreal Carbon Pledge since 2005, we also joined the "Global Impact Investing Network" at the end of 2016. Beyond the active part we take in these Responsible Investing landmarks, Sycomore AM also initiates its own industry events.

Our ESG research material