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Our Sales Team

International Development

  • Fidy Ramamonjisoa
    Fidy Ramamonjisoa
    International Sales
  • Maximilian Riesser
    Maximilian Riesser
    International Sales
  • Francesca Mozzati
    Francesca Mozzati
    International Sales

Institutional Investor Relations

  • Jean-Pierre Grignon
    Jean-Pierre Grignon
    Head of French Business Development
  • Christophe Hourtoulle
    Christophe Hourtoulle
    Institutional Investor Relationships
  • Laszlo Banier
    Laszlo Banier
    Institutional Investor Relationships

Distribution Partnerships Team

+33 (0)1 44 40 16 00
  • Olivier Chamard
    Olivier Chamard
    Head of IFA Relations
  • Mathieu Quod
    Mathieu Quod
    IFA Relations Manager Paris / Northern region
  • Audrey Duverger
    Audrey Duverger
    Commercial & Development Support
  • Laurence Cavallaro
    Laurence Cavallaro
    IFA Relations Manager Paris / Western Region

Marketing & Communication

  • Florence Jolin
    Florence Jolin
    Head of Marketing & Communication
  • Samuel Sors
    Samuel Sors
    Digital Marketing Officer
  • François Bonnel
    François Bonnel
    Marketing Project Manager

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Six asset managers call on French large caps to establish action plan to have at least 30% women in executive management teams by 2025
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