In a world of data and algorithms, we value human capital.

We are proud to be investors.

We are more than an asset manager.

We are Sycomore.

WhatIs Capital


Passion for investing
We are a team of men and women fueled by a passion for investment and driven by performance. Since 2001, we have focused our analysis and our investments on listed companies, with the audacity and flexibility that comes with our independence. With €8.3 billion of assets under management, Sycomore AM is now a key player in the responsible investment space.

TeamIs Capital

We are men and women united around a common goal: creating sustainable value.

Sharingis Capital

The creation of value can only be sustainable if it is shared by all stakeholders.


Creating sustainable value
We firmly believe that creating value is only sustainable if it can be shared by all stakeholders. Looking beyond quantitative data to identify this value and observing shifts in paradigms are challenges that we have to address every day in a constantly changing world. Our goal: to generate returns and give meaning to your investments. Our ambition: make investment more human.

IndependenceIs Capital

We value our independence as it lends us the strength, the boldness and the flexibility to perform.

Challengeis Capital

Our objective: to raise our standards by going "one step further", every day


Boldness, Cohesion, Engagement
Our mission is driven by an engaged team of investment professionals, united around our common entrepreneurial project. Beyond investment expertise, empowerment and the relations of trust that are built with each one of our employees help drive motivation, innovation and performance.

TrustIs Capital

We do not only seek out where to invest, but whom to invest with.

Innovationis Capital

We believe that creativity is the key to a company’s success.


Sycomore Factory brings entrepreneurs together around a shared ambition: to become leaders in each of their respective businesses. We pool our expertise, while preserving our independence. Sycomore Corporate Finance specialises in corporate finance and Sycomore Family Office is a multi-family office / wealth advisor.
Driven by our shared passion, we have joined forces to create the Fondation Sycomore.

InvestmentIs Capital

Investing in companies reminds us every day of who we are.

Human is Capital