Interaction with clients, suppliers and the companies in which we invest is a vital ingredient for our success. If you wish to find out more about our investment approach, our funds, our events or our news, please contact us.

Our Sales Team

International Development

  • Fidy Ramamonjisoa
    Fidy Ramamonjisoa
  • David Czupryna
    David Czupryna
  • Maximilien Riesser
    Maximilien Riesser

Institutional Investor Relations

  • Jean-Pierre Grignon
    Jean-Pierre Grignon
  • Christophe Hourtoulle
    Christophe Hourtoulle
  • Laszlo Banier
    Laszlo Banier
  • Audrey Duverger
    Audrey Duverger

Distribution Partnerships Team

  • Olivier Chamard
    Olivier Chamard
  • Alain Benso
    Alain Benso
  • Mathieu Quod
    Mathieu Quod
  • Thomas Ibanez
    Thomas Ibanez

Marketing & Communication

  • Florence Jolin
    Florence Jolin
  • Maryline Louvet
    Maryline Louvet
  • Caroline Pilczer
    Caroline Pilczer

Press Center

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