Sycomore Factory is a capitalistic alliance of entrepreneurs who are experts in their respective fields and share the same values. The aim of the association is to accelerate our respective development by joining forces and leveraging on our strengths, while preserving our independence – a guarantee of our commitment to perform.

  • Christine Kolb
    Christine Kolb
    Founding Partner & Head of Business Development
  • Emeric Préaubert
    Emeric Préaubert
    Founding Partner & Co-Head of Portfolio Management
  • Cyril Charlot
    Cyril Charlot
    Founding Partner & Co-Head of Portfolio Management

Since 2001, Sycomore AM’s four partners have developed a form of responsible investing that is both meaningful and performance-driven. With €9.0 billion in assets under management, Sycomore AM is now a key player within the asset management industry, with a recognised expertise in European equity management.

The investment company Gaia Capital Partners strives to support the new generation of technology and digital leaders in Europe during their growth period with an entrepreneurial and responsible DNA. By leveraging Sycomore AM's know-how in responsible investing and by pioneering on the field of sustainability in Tech, Gaia Capital Partners aims to contribute to the development of a more sustainable and responsible Tech ecosystem. In addition, the Gaia Growth I investment fund offers a unique positioning combining private and public equities.

Following the implementation of a dealing desk in 2017, Sycomore AM decided to create a new separate trading structure called Sycomore Market Solutions. At similar size, Sycomore AM is the first company that has developed such a desk, to guarantee its independence in terms of execution, better protect its interests, optimize its costs on a segment of the industry becoming increasingly strategic, technological, complex and costly. Sycomore Market Solutions is effectively operational since February 2019.

Sycomore Foundation

The Sycomore Foundation aims to provide a bridge between young people and the corporate world. Our objective is to support younger generations as they discover the professional world, through discussions and testimonies.