Sycomore AM's teams embody our strength in action. The shared values of boldness, cohesion and engagement help us achieve our common goal: to deliver sustainable performance.

Meet the men and the women that have shaped Sycomore and continue to drive growth today.

United by the passion of entrepreneuship, we created Sycomore AM to offer our clients investment solutions that are both meaningful and performance-driven. In a world of data and alogorithms, we strive to make investment more human.

"The hardship of success only increases the need to try." Beaumarchais

"The only source of knowledge is experience. Everything else is just information." Albert Einstein

"Alone, we go faster; together, we go further."

"Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it." Goethe

"It's not enough to speak, but to speak true." William Shakespeare

"In life, there are no solutions. There are forces at work: you have to create, and solutions follow." Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

"One should always take maximum risk, with maximum precaution." Rudyard Kipling

If you are interested in joining our teams, please consult our career opportunities

  • Cyril Charlot
    Cyril Charlot
    Founding Partner & Co-Head of Portfolio ManagementFounding Partner & Co-Head of Portfolio Management
  • Christine Kolb
    Christine Kolb
    Founding Partner & Head of Business DevelopmentFounding Partner & Head of Business Development
  • Emeric Préaubert
    Emeric Préaubert
    Founding Partner & Co-Head of Portfolio ManagementFounding Partner & Co-Head of Portfolio Management
  • Richard Yi
    Richard Yi
    Head of Operations & Information SystemsHead of Operations & Information Systems
  • Stanislas de Bailliencourt
    Stanislas de Bailliencourt
    Portfolio Manager Sycomore Allocation Patrimoine / Sycomore Sélection CréditPortfolio Manager
  • Hadrien Bulté
    Hadrien Bulté
    Long/Short AnalystLong/Short Analyst
  • Jean-Guillaume Péladan
    Jean-Guillaume Péladan
    Head of Environmental Investments & Research & Portfolio Manager Sycomore Eco SolutionsHead of Environmental Investments & Research & Portfolio Manager
  • Frédéric Ponchon
    Frédéric Ponchon
    Portfolio Manager Sycomore Shared GrowthPortfolio Manager
  • Alban Préaubert
    Alban Préaubert
    Portfolio Manager Sycomore Sélection PME / Sycomore Eco SolutionsPortfolio Manager
  • Bertille Knuckey
    Bertille Knuckey
    Head of Sustainable & Responsible Investment & Portfolio Manager Sycomore Sélection Responsable / Sycomore Happy@WorkHead of Sustainable & Responsible Investment & Portfolio Manager
  • Emmanuel de Sinety
    Emmanuel de Sinety
    Portfolio Manager Sycomore Sycomore Sélection Crédit / Sycomore Allocation PatrimoinePortfolio Manager
  • Gilles Sitbon
    Gilles Sitbon
    Portfolio Manager Sycomore L/S Opportunities / Sycomore L/S Market NeutralPortfolio Manager
  • Alexandre Taieb
    Alexandre Taieb
    Analyst & Portofolio ManagerAnalyst & Portofolio Manager
  • Sara Carvalho De Oliveira
    Sara Carvalho De Oliveira
    SRI Analyst-Fund ManagerSRI Analyst-Fund Manager
  • Anne-Claire Imperiale
    Anne-Claire Imperiale
    Deputy-head of ESG researchDeputy-head of ESG research
  • Anne-Claire Abadie
    Anne-Claire Abadie
    Portofolio Manager, Environment SpecialistPortofolio Manager, Environment Specialist
  • Jessica Poon
    Jessica Poon
    Senior Global Portfolio ManagerPortfolio Manager
  • Sabrina Ritossa Fernandez
    Sabrina Ritossa Fernandez
    SRI Analyst-Fund ManagerSRI Analyst-Fund Manager
  • Damien Mariette
    Damien Mariette
    Portfolio ManagerPortfolio Manager
  • Luca Fasan
    Luca Fasan
    Global Fund ManagerGlobal Fund Manager
  • Amaury Eloy
    Amaury Eloy
    Head of Human CapitalHead of Human Capital
  • Jean-Pierre Grignon
    Jean-Pierre Grignon
    Head of French Business DevelopmentHead of French Business Development
  • Christophe Hourtoulle
    Christophe Hourtoulle
    Institutional Investor RelationshipsInstitutional Investor Relationships
  • Laszlo Banier
    Laszlo Banier
    Institutional Investor RelationshipsInstitutional Investor Relationships
  • Olivier Chamard
    Olivier Chamard
    Head of IFA RelationsHead of IFA Relations
  • Mathieu Quod
    Mathieu Quod
    IFA Relations Manager Paris / Northern regionIFA Relations Manager Paris / Northern region
  • Fidy Ramamonjisoa
    Fidy Ramamonjisoa
    Partner - Head of International Business DevelopmentPartner - Head of International Business Development
  • Audrey Duverger
    Audrey Duverger
    Commercial & Development SupportCommercial & Development Support
  • Camille Camou
    Camille Camou
    Financial Product EditorFinancial Product Editor
  • Francesca Mozzati
    Francesca Mozzati
    Product SpecialistProduct Specialist
  • Mélanie Bonfils
    Mélanie Bonfils
    Sales SupportSales Support
  • Sacha Deltour
    Sacha Deltour
    Administrative assistantAdministrative assistant
  • Charles de Solages
    Charles de Solages
    IFA Relations ManagerIFA Relations Manager
  • Nicolas Pennel
    Nicolas Pennel
    IFA Relations ManagerIFA Relations Manager
  • Florence Jolin
    Florence Jolin
    Head of Marketing & CommunicationHead of Marketing & Communication
  • Samuel Sors
    Samuel Sors
    Digital Marketing OfficerDigital Marketing Officer
  • François Bonnel
    François Bonnel
    Marketing Project ManagerMarketing Project Manager
  • Régis Cueff
    Régis Cueff
    IT DeveloperIT Developer
  • Vincent Wagny
    Vincent Wagny
    IT OfficerIT Officer
  • Pierre Le Guyon
    Pierre Le Guyon
    Head of Middle OfficeHead of Middle Office
  • Alain Robert-Dautun
    Alain Robert-Dautun
    Head of Risk ManagementHead of Risk Management
  • Soraya Norais
    Soraya Norais
    Risk ManagerRisk Manager
  • Fatou Yansané
    Fatou Yansané
    Welcoming OfficerWelcoming Officer
  • David Richard
    David Richard
  • Poly Chao
    Poly Chao
    IT DeveloperIT Developer
  • Christophe Carvalho
    Christophe Carvalho
    Risk ManagerRisk Manager
  • Samuel Chlouch
    Samuel Chlouch
  • Cédric Delozière
    Cédric Delozière
    Chief Financial OfficerChief Financial Officer
  • Audrey Manh-Tilleul
    Audrey Manh-Tilleul
    Co-Head of Risk ManagementCo-Head of Risk Management
  • Emmanuel Policarpo
    Emmanuel Policarpo
    Middle OfficerMiddle Officer
    Middle OfficerMiddle Officer
  • Shon Amsalhem
    Shon Amsalhem
    Risk managerRisk manager
  • Jean-Baptiste Blanc
    Jean-Baptiste Blanc
    Head of Legal & ComplianceHead of Legal & Compliance
  • Félicie Perriot
    Félicie Perriot
    Legal & complianceLegal & compliance
  • Loïc Antunes
    Loïc Antunes
    Legal & complianceLegal & compliance
  • Anna Galagan
    Anna Galagan
    Compliance OfficerCompliance Officer