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Responsible Way #11 - The Good in Tech

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How to differentiate responsible and sustainable technologies from others? In this ever-changing sector, how to identify companies that offer real opportunities, creating sustainable value? Answers from Geert Paemen from Telefónica, Jean-Noël de Galzain from Wallix, Sabrina Rau from University of Essex, and Alice Albizzati as well as Elina Berrebi from GAIA Capital Partners, in our latest Responsible Way.

We all have our own idea of what the term “tech” means. Incidentally, Google has referenced over two billion occurrences for the word. But from driverless cars to smartphone applications, on-line retargeting, relay antennas and data centers, the reality of the sector is particularly complex. Different forms of technology are subject to various forces depending on the places in which they are used, the audiences they target, and even the energy they use as fuel.

This SRI Way is most and foremost directed at investors. How can responsible and sustainable investments be singled out? In the following pages, you shall discover the avenues of thought that helped us make headway in our analysis, as well as the authors and resources recognised as authorities in the field of responsible technology.

Whether talking about governance, corporate culture, algorithms, robotisation, blanket surveillance, the manipulation of public opinion, cybersecurity, privacy or freedom of expression, these factors are central to the issues raised by the world of tech.

The evidence provided by Geert Paemen at Telefónica, Jean-Noël de Galzain, CEO of Wallix and Sabrina Rau, researcher at the University of Essex, shows how some companies are taking the bull by the horns, but is also indicative of the long road that lies ahead to ensure the protection and respect of human rights in the digital age.

But how are we to identify companies offering real opportunities and able to create sustainable value? Using several examples, we shall discuss the environmental and societal contribution of different business models displaying a strong technological component. The sharing economy, education, healthcare, circularity: many innovative companies, from their very beginnings, use technology to serve sustainable development. The challenge lies in identifying them. This is the mission of Gaia Capital Partners, a new asset management company within Sycomore AM’s ecosystem, dedicated to supporting the new generation of responsible entrepreneurs in the field of technology and innovation in Europe.

We wish you all a pleasant read and hope that you will find these highly political, economic, financial, social and environmental issues as fascinating as we do!

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Our Publications

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