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Sycomore AM, sponsor of the Hello Tomorrow initiative

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Constantly seeking innovation, Sycomore AM is pleased to commit to the Hello Tomorrow initiative. As the exclusive sponsor of the "Water & Waste" category in its Challenge, Sycomore AM rewards startups showing strong environmental impact.

Hello Tomorrow is a non-profit organization founded in 2011. It aims to bridge the gap between science entrepreneurs, investors, and corporations in all major scientific and technological fields. Today, it is a global, interdisciplinary community with presence across 45 countries. It organizes local events and an annual tipping point, the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit in Paris : an immersive, near-future experience where leaders and entrepreneurs converge to transform the way we eat, work, travel, cure, manufacture and communicate - gathering more than 15,000 innovators within the Hello Tomorrow ecosystem. Outstanding keynotes and deep-dive sessions covering a mix of technologies including new materials, synthetic biology, artificial intelligence (etc.) are forecasted.

Core to the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit: the startup challenge

On September 20th, Hello Tomorrow announced the 69 finalists for the 2016 Hello Tomorrow Challenge, which recognizes and supports early-stage, deep technology ventures through financial support, mentorship and visibility.

“Congratulations to all the finalists for the 2016 Challenge award. With 3,500 applications received this year, coming this far is a tremendous feat. The competition is greater than ever, and the caliber all the more breathtaking. It is a reflection of the growing importance of deep technologies, and for Hello Tomorrow, an exciting moment to recognize innovative ventures that strive to make an impact on the world,” said Xavier Duportet, President of Hello Tomorrow.

Actively committed to the energy and ecological transition, Sycomore AM is pleased to sponsor the "Water & Waste" category among the ten categories listed in the Hello Tomorrow Challenge, similarly to other major industrial players ("Aeronautics" sponsored by Safran, "Air quality" sponsored by Air Liquide, "Beauty & Wellbeing" sponsored by L’Oréal, "Data & AI" sponsored by la French Tech, "Energy" sponsored by Butagaz, "Food & Agriculture" sponsored by Carrefour, "Healthcare" sponsored by Roche, "Industry 4.0" sponsored by Airbus, "Transportation & Mobility" sponsored by Aéroports de Paris and Michelin).
Along with the support of BNP Paribas with L'Atelier BNP Paribas, Bloomberg, the Boston Consulting Group, la French Tech, winners from each of the ten categories of the challenge will be rewarded €15,000 and the grand winner will receive €100,000.

Actively committed to the energy and ecological transition, Sycomore AM is pleased to sponsor the "Water & Waste" category among the ten categories listed in the Hello Tomorrow Challenge

The grand finale of the 2016 Hello Tomorrow Challenge will take place on October 14th during the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit. An opportunity to see Jean-Guillaume Péladan as member of the jury.
To register to the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit, click on the following link >>

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