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Spotlight on… Amer Sports

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Following a major strategic turn, switching its core business from tobacco to sport, the Finish group Amer Sports expanded through takeovers of prestigious brands, alongside necessary restructuring plans. A strategy turning out to be lucrative… Explanations.

Alban Préaubert

Originally a tobacco company owning 75% of the domestic cigarette market, the Finish group Amer Sports began its emblematic transformation at the end of the 20th century.

Sport as a core business, external growth as a strategic driver

In 2003, the company sold its tobacco business to focus exclusively on sport, through a series of strategic takeovers. In this process, Amer Sports bought prestigious brands including Wilson, Suunto, Atomic, Precor and Salomon. These takeovers often came with demanding but well executed restructuring plans - the objective being to achieve 10% margins in each of the brands.

The group now enjoys a particularly balanced product portfolio, which has led Amer Sports to revise its guidance for its annual organic growth

The group now enjoys a particularly balanced product portfolio, which has led Amer Sports to revise its guidance for its annual organic growth to 6-7% last September. The company now targets a €3.5 billion turnover for 2020.

An ambitious innovation policy

To achieve this, the group has historically relied on high-performance marketing – which accounts for 8% of the workforce - and on an ambitious innovation policy (8.3% of operating expenses spent on R&D in 2015). Innovation was further strengthened in 2015 following the appointment of a Chief Digital Officer to the Executive Committee, with a view to spurring on the development of connected services and tools.

Finally, bearing in mind that managing logistics is a real challenge for the industry – some will remember the hitches in the early 2000s and their heavy consequences for groups such as Nike and Adidas – the group is particularly proactive in this area. It has set up a thorough and responsible procurement policy, with 98% of purchases sourced from audited suppliers.

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